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        能力, 能,會, 允許…
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        ~できる, (Can I ~?で)~してもいいですか, (Can you ~?で)~してくれませんか…
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        yetenek, ...ebilmek, ...abilmek…
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        peux/peut/pouvons/pouvez/peuvent, sais/sait/savons/savez/savent, (utilisé avec les verbes “see…
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        poder, saber, llauna…
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        يَستَطيع, يُمكِن, هَل يُمكِن؟…
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        moci, umět, smět…
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        kunne, få lov, gide vide…
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        mampu, bisa, boleh…
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        สามารถ, สามารถที่จะ, ได้รับอนุญาต…
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        khả năng, chỉ khả năng, chỉ sự cho phép…
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        umieć, potrafić, móc…
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        boleh, dibenarkan, tin…
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        können, dürfen, die Kanne…
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        kan, boks, hermetikkboks…
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        (능력)-할 수 있다, (부탁)-해도 괜찮습니까?, (공손하게 도움을 요청할때)-해 줄 수 있으십니까?…
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        poder, ser capaz de, saber…
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        能力, 能,会, 允许…
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        potere, sapere, saper fare…
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        мочь, уметь, иметь разрешение…
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        poder, saber, lata…
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